Amaeze is the only truly inclusive nutritionist that I know. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table as she leads discussion on nutrition and wellbeing. Having seen her talk on panels and attended her workshops, she always inspires confidence and creativity in her audience. This not only includes food, but making positive lifestyle changes for all round mental and physical health.


I am so grateful for the positive change that Amaeze has helped me achieve in my diet and life in general! Not just in what I eat, but my relationship with food and my body. She met me where I was at and changed my perspective about what I previously thought health was about. I now have more energy throughout the day and feel more positive about my food choices. I am now confident that the food and lifestyle choices I make will serve my body well. Thank you!


Elaine – I commissioned Amaeze to speak at our workplace wellness event and she was definitely a highlight of the day. Amaeze’s interactive and dynamic presentation style created an engaging environment for our staff. Her talk provided tangible strategies for finding a good balance, sustain energy and look after our gut. A lot of health myths were dispelled and we left with practical tools to use in both our personal and professional lives. I would highly recommend Amaeze to speak at future events

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