I believe in a life well nourished.


Do you find…

  • You don’t seem to have much time to invest in yourself and your health

  • Although you eat, you don’t feel nourished

  • You have found yourself in patterns of dieting and feel worn out and demotivated

  • You are not sure sure what is “good” or the “right thing” for you to eat to reach your health goals

  • You feel you have issues sustaining your energy and finding a good balance

  • There is confusion regarding what’s best for you and your wellbeing right now, at this point in your life

If any of these points resonate, I can help you arrive at the right solution and find your Life’s Recipe.

My approach

As a registered, clinical nutritionist I work with my clients to help them free themselves from disruptive habits and unhelpful mindsets and in doing to remove the blocks to vibrant, personal health. On doing so we are able to work towards vitality at any age, arrive at new sustainable patterns and enjoy peace in our bodies so we can live big!

Each client is unique and is treated as such, so for some it might be some one-off support for hormonal health to help boost their mood or manage sugar cravings, and for another it could be a longer, over time program of transformation is most helpful.

I work with people on a range of topics that include, but are not limited to:

  • Gut and digestion issues and balance

  • Hormonal health and periods

  • Diabetes and related issues

  • Weight loss

  • Energy, vitality and mood boosting

  • Sleep and rest optimisation

  • Making peace with food and improving your relationship with food

  • Increasing calm and managing stress

  • Honouring and including culturally relevant foods in the modern menu


All too often our food choices are out of alignment with our body types and lifestyle…It’s time to take a different view

My story

I have a passion for demystifying nutrition and helping people be more in tune and feel in control of their body. This is what prompted me to train and enter the wellbeing industry - I simply love helping people better understand and apply nutrition as a means of self care. Through Life’s Recipe, the health consultancy with a difference, I hope to help my clients be truly nourished on every level and find their own sense of balance.


  • Having more time to invest in yourself and the things in life that are most important

  • Knowing exactly what to eat and when, without stress or obsessive feelings

  • Finally being in flow with food and your food choices

  • Being sure of the food choices that will help you meet your own health and wellbeing goals

  • Feeling revitalised, energised and calm without energy or mood slumps

I can help you arrive at your Life’s Recipe. Please get in touch to find out more


A bit more about my experience:

  • Registered with the Association of Nutrition (ANutr)

  • Bachelors degree and Masters in Clinical Nutrition with distinction 

  • Training in counselling skills to provide a safe space to allow sustainable behaviour change