Your Life’s Recipe - My Signature Program

All of my work is client led and unique to your needs. That said, my signature program is designed to help you arrive at and sustain lasting change. It is for those that have decided it is time to take their health and wellbeing seriously and are fed up of having to navigate overwhelming new rules and old patterns on their own.

This is not just a program of food recommendations - we take a non judgemental look at your current lifestyle so you can arrive at the changes, and meet the goals that mean the most to you.

It might be…

  • You have negative views of your body which are affecting your confidence and how you live your life

  • You rely on coffee or ‘quick fixes’ to get through the day

  • Your self-criticism stops you from being here now and living in the now and you compare yourself a lot to others or to your past self

  • You no longer want to borrow the habits of other people- it is time to create your own life’s recipe

What area of your life and wellbeing would you most like to transform?

My signature program is designed to:

  • Give you clarity on your wellbeing code, once and for all

  • Empower you to make the choices that will best support you to find balance and thrive

  • Inspire you to get creative with food prep and enjoy it

  • Have more energy throughout the day

  • Help you begin to listen to your body and build confidence in really knowing what it needs

Results you can expect to achieve are many and varied, and yet include:

  • Stop obsessing over labels

  • Feeling vibrant and revitalised throughout the day

  • No longer being tempted by fads because you have your own way of living that is unique to you

  • You have other interests outside of food and it no longer talk about it all the time

  • You make consistently confident food choices no matter where you are - you know you can fuel yourself properly

  • You have rediscovered the joy of culturally relevant foods

The Life’s Recipe program structure:

Sessions can be in person or on Skype and following your free consult and agreement, I will share some pre-work with you that will overview your medical history, family history and give a view on a typical day for you.

In your first session we will take a 360 view of your health goals and/or shifts you would most like to achieve. We will also look at your previous diet patterns, lifestyle, appetite, access to choice, mood and energy and much more.

Based on the initial consultation, I will create a nutrition diagnosis and arrive at the very best nutrition strategy for you as an individual.

Then, over 3 months and 6 sessions, you can expect to achieve food freedom through embracing all foods - understanding that they can all fit into a healthy diet.

Also embracing non diet nutrition solutions - increasing food variety and self care through meal planning. Preparing your space and tools for effective meal planning.

Plus accepting and embracing body cues, mindful eating and reducing superfluous eating