Wellness in the workplace and wellbeing as a wider conversation is a growing area of focus for business and brand audiences.

My programs and sessions are designed to motivate, inspire and educate even the most busy and pressurised audiences, for enhanced health, wellbeing, focus and feel good.

All too often ingrained patterns and the myths around nutrition and fads, can affect our ability to be and feel truly nourished and energised which, in turn, affects how we show up in the our work and our lives.

Through a Life’s Recipe session it is possible to answer the needs and wants of your audience whether some essential basics are most beneficial right though to a detailed, bespoke, comprehensive level of programming.

The areas of wellbeing ai cover thorough my talks and panel participation include but are not limited to:

  • Better health and preventing poor health, for example, diabetes and heart disease

  • Lifestyle management and improving relationships with food

  • Nutrition 101 for energy and engagement

  • Hormone management and health

  • Embracing culturally relevant foods

  • Make peace with your plate

  • And more…


I am here to help your audience or team live their best life…

 These sessions have many benefits for attendees and yet the key deliverables are

  • Healthier happier employees or audience members

  • Improved performance outcomes – more alert, more positive, more up for it!

  • Builds a sense of work place comradery and shared high morale

I am able to customise a program or recommendation unique to you, your team or your brand audience.  With this in mind, get in touch with me to discuss your needs and objectives and I will share a proposal with you

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