Reconnect with food.

Achieve your wellbeing goals.

Live your life to the full.

I treat each client as an individual and yet, my most popular ways of working with people are outlined below. Whether you are seeking some specific support relating to an isolated health issue or you are looking to adopt and overhaul your relationship with food, I can help. So do take a look at my current services and get in touch for your free consult.


Vital changes for body vitality (one-off session)

This one-off session, following your free consult, is perfect for you if you have a question or single topic you would like to focus on, relating to your health. For example, guidance on energy boosting food, first steps to helpful dietary changes, nutrition to support rest and sleep.

The session is 90 minutes and can be conducted online. The recording will be sent to you following the session as will my report and recommendations, as part of your investment


Your life’s recipe - my signature program

This three month program promises transformation in your wellbeing and is right for you if you know that support over time will best serve your health and energy goals.


Group coaching - coming soon

I plan to run a group program later this year. Please contact me to register your interest and I will add you to the list of potential participants.

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